Nursery Program


1. We believe covenant children are part of the church family and ought to be treated accordingly. We desire to have covenant children to be present with the gathered community in worship and to participate in the service as much as possible.

2. We recognize that parents have the authority to determine the best way to integrate their children into the life and worship of the church community, and that some parents will sometimes desire the use of a nursery for their infants and young children. We also recognize that sometimes children do need to be taken out of the worship area to avoid distracting others. Therefore, we offer nursery services for infants and young children. This maximizes the participation of the whole community (fewer people missing worship), and helps parents of young children participate regularly in worship.

3. As a church community committed to integrating our children into formal worship as early in their lives as possible, we necessarily are tolerant of a certain measure of noise from infants and young children during the worship service. It is our desire to offer parents a range of possibilities, including keeping the child in the service, a parent moving to the back or in and out as necessary with their child, a parent caring for the child outside of worship, and a church nursery worker caring for the child. Please let us know your preference so we may best support and assist you!